Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapists work with sport and exercise participates as well as the general public to help prevent injuries, manage and treat them should they occur and then rehabilitate back to full fitness.  Sports Massage Therapists will help improve muscular pain, range of motion, muscle imbalance with the aim to return to optimal function.

Sports Massage Therapy is the assessment, treatment and management of musculoskeletal conditions, which primarily affect movement and mobility. Sports Therapists utilize functional screening and assessment to guide their use of a range of modalities, including hands on treatment and corrective exercise.

Sports Massage Therapy will:

·       Reduce muscle tightness by removing tension and increasing length though out the body

·       Promote healing of soft tissue by improving circulation

·       Reducing odema

·       Increase range of motion though massage and improving joint mobility

Regular Sports Massage Therapy can help:

·       Reduce the risk of injury/re-injury

·       Improve symptoms of common complaints like back/hip/knee/neck pain

·       Provide corrective exercise to compliment your massage treatments

·       Post surgery rehabilitation

Having a Sports Therapist at SMAPS means there will be a valuable link between the treatment table and our client’s functional capabilities. Having access to the facilities at SMAPS, means that you will be provided not only with treatments in the room but you will be given non manual movement based corrections to enable a greater level of function. Through stretching, corrective exercise and other non manual therapies.

We also recommend a weekly Studio Pilates classes to compliment your Myotherapy treatments.


Please check out our Sports / Remedial Massage Timetable to find a treatment time that suits you, and then click Book Now to place your booking. If you are new to SMAPS, make sure to complete the New Client form prior to your session!