Passes & Deals

Thinking of trying your first Pilates class?

We know you will LOVE IT! We want to help you make that first step, we now offer all NEWBIES their first Pilates class at SMAPS for HALF PRICE*!

Be good to your body and SAVE MONEY!

Barre’ Pilates
Casual class: $26
First class half-price for newbies: $13*

Mat Pilates
Casual class: $26
First class half-price for newbies: $13*

Reformer Pilates
Casual class: $32
First class half-price for newbies: $16**

* Only for new clients.
* One half-price class only.
* Can not be used in conjunction with other deals or multi-class pass.
*** Studio Pilates and Private Pilates classes are not included in this ‘half-price promotion’.

Introducing SMAPS multi-class pass!

Do you LOVE PILATES? Save TIME and MONEY: take advantage of our SMAPS MULTI-CLASS PASS!

It’s easy, simply purchase a pass next time you visit our studio. Place the pass at the front desk before your class, and pick it up when you leave!

Mat & Barre’ Pilates
5 class pass = $110
10 class pass = $210
20 class pass = $400

Reformer Pilates
5 class pass = $140
10 class pass = $270
20 class pass = $520

Studio Pilates
5 class pass = $175
10 class pass = $340
20 class pass = $660

Want more? There is NO EXPIRY DATE on our passes, use them any time you’re free.

Each multi-class pass is marked with a type of Pilates class ‘Studio’, ‘Mat/Barre’, or ‘Reformer’ and is to be used for that particular class. There is no expiration date on our passes, they can be used at your leisure (perfect for busy people, mums, shift work, FIFO). Each pass, matching your intended class, must be presented to reception prior to your class. Passes are not transferable, and can not be exchanged or refunded.

Sharing is Caring: Private Pilates

Before you join one of our amazing Studio Pilates classes at SMAPS, you will need to attend a Private Pilates class to learn about your body, safety, and our equipment. To save money and time, we have created the ‘sharing is caring’ deal!*

Bring a friend along to your Private Pilates class, share your learning experience, and the cost!

A Private Pilates class normally costs $78, but with a friend you only pay $39 each!

Enjoy a private setting in our beautiful studio with your very own Pilates instructor and your bestie, or family favourite for half the price!

*All SHARED Private Pilates classes MUST be booked with reception either by phone 5977 6938 or at the front desk, shared classes can not be booked online.

Booking Policies

New clients must complete this form prior to commencing a treatment or classes.

Bookings: can be made up to 2 hours prior to an appointment (online or by phone).

Cancellations: strictly 24 hours notice for all cancellations.

Reminders: A reminder email will be sent out at 10am the day prior to your appointment.

Does your health fund cover Myotherapy or Remedial Massage?
If you do not see your health fund logo at Hicaps (Myotherapy or Remedial Massage), a tax statement is available on request so that you may manually claim direct to your health fund.

Note: Hicaps is only available for Myotherapy & Remedial/ Sports Massage therapy treatments. Unfortunately Pilates is NOT covered.