Pilates Instructors

Beck Szewczuk

Studio and Mat Pilates Instructor

I have always been active and loved running and enjoyed playing netball and basketball and sport in general.

I first started studio Pilates at the end of 2014 after a hip injury which even after seeing a multitude of health professionals did not improve that is when my physio suggested I try Pilates. After only a few sessions I could feel the difference in my body and became hooked. I was amazed that the muscle retraining and education during my Pilates sessions could make such an improvement in my muscle balance and movement patterns.

Looking to do something different and with a background in exercise science becoming a Pilates instructor seemed like a natural progression and I completed the Level 2 APMA instructing course in 2016.

Australian Business Number: 16 297 488 381


  • Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction
  • APMA Level 2 Teacher Training

Tracey Boundy

Mat Pilates Instructor

Tracey’s passion for Pilates started in 2016 as she recovered from a hip replacement. Searching for a studio to help with her rehabilitation post-surgery, Tracey discovered the healing powers of Myotherapy and Pilates and she has never looked back!

Instantly falling in love with the classes at Somerville Myotherapy & Pilates Studio, Tracey was inspired by how much Pilates had helped her recover after major surgery, so much so that Tracey wanted to become a Pilates Instructor herself.

Tracey became an advocate for Pilates and its many benefits and wasting no time at all Tracey had completed her Cert IV in Pilates and is now completing her Diploma in Clinical Pilates.

“After my hip replacement, I just wanted to help others through their own rehabilitation, I understand it can be a tough journey, but I love helping my clients regain strength and reach their full potential!”

Tracey’s hobbies include kayaking, 4-wheel driving, walking and travelling.

Australian Business Number: 50 429 458 205


  • Certificate IV in Pilates Matwork Instruction

Emma Hadaway

Mat Pilates Instructor

Emma has always had a passion for health and fitness, starting her own Pilates journey a few years ago to help improve her core strength and posture. Emma believes that Pilates is great for people of all ages and fitness levels and is perfect for those with injuries, weakness or limitations.

Over the years Emma has enjoyed dancing, swimming, aerobics, and playing various sports – all while working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, offering her clients expert nutritional advice. Emma blends her love for high intensity fitness with a Pilates control and concept.

“I really love helping my clients obtain strength and body balance ‘inside’ and ‘out’, I try to make each class fun yet challenging, helping each client build healthy movement patterns.”

In her spare time Emma loves to spend it with her partner, Simon and British Bulldog, Bonnie. She also enjoys travelling, running, swimming and yoga to keep fit.

Australian Business Number: 58 675 749 438


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Promotion), Majoring in Human Movement – Deakin University
  • Graduate Diploma of Human Nutrition – Deakin University
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • Mat Instructor Course – Studio Pilates
  • Reformer Instructor Course – Studio Pilates

Lisa Wolsgrove

Barre’ Pilates Instructor

After years of dancing as a professional Contemporary dancer Lisa was drawn to Pilates when a back injury changed her career path. She spent many years teaching dance and conditioning classes to help her students gain strength and prevent injuries like her own.

Lisa is a passionate and knowledgeable teacher who brings her love for dance and movement into all her SMAPS classes.

This passion for Pilates and injury prevention inspired her to go back to study and complete her Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2017. Shortly after finishing her studies Lisa welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Harvey, into her family.

She has been busy developing mums and bubs classes based on her experience after birth and the path back to strength and fitness. Lisa is also super excited to be returning to SMAPS, not only as a Barre teacher but as a Remedial Massage Therapist in 2019!

Australian Business Number: 73 499 077 614


  •  Bachelor of Dance VCA
  •  Diploma of Remedial Massage

Sonia Erice

Studio and Mat Pilates Instructor

Originally from Spain, Sonia’s law degree and professional experience as a TV Production Manager was not well recognised in Australia although it was not long before she found a new career. Sonia fell in love with Pilates in 2005 while she recovered from an emergency back operation. With an underlying back injury, Sonia sneezed (yes, you read that right), and her intervertebral disc protruded and completely paralysed her right leg.
To maintain a pain-free body Sonia knew that she would need to practice Pilates for the rest of her life. So she decided to enroll in the internationally recognised BASI Comprehensive Pilates teacher training Course on the Sunshine Coast and by January 2010 she had graduated. Following her graduation Sonia moved to teach Pilates on the Mornington Peninsula and started a family.
Only to go in search of warmer weather she then moved to sunny Darwin where she ran and operated her own home based Pilates Studio for the past 4 years. Sonia is finally back to call the Peninsula home and we are so excited to have her tremendous knowledge teaching at SMAPS!

Sonia specialises in Clinical Pilates, rehabilitation and chronic pain, while also enjoying the challenge of teaching deep, balanced, full body workouts in Studio and Reformer Pilates Classes. Sonia’s passion drives her to constantly study and grow, incorporating her new human movement skills into each and every class she teaches.

“I love to focus on helping my clients to be self-aware so they can obtain the best possible health and outcomes for their bodies. I am so excited to start working in SMAPS!”

Australian Business Number: 59 264 167 717


  • Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training

Caitlin Hall


Studio and Mat Pilates Instructor


After years of working in the fitness industry, Caitlin discovered the Pilates method as a way to treat her own genetic spinal condition. Pilates completely rehabilitated her chronic back pain and she was able to move and live pain free. These results swiftly transitioned Caitlin into the Pilates studio and she has never looked back.

Specialising in rehabilitation, classical, modern and pregnancy, Caitlin has experienced first-hand the benefits of not only toning through body conditioning, but being supported through pregnancy and post-natal recovery.

Caitlin has worked alongside many talented instructors and physiotherapists, exposing her to elite athletes (AFL, Muay Thai kickboxes, triathletes, dancers) and enabling her to refine her knowledge of human movement. Caitlin has also been a mentor to many student Pilates instructors: educating, guiding, and supporting them through their work experience.

When Caitlin’s not in the studio, you will find her busy running after her very active son and indulging in anything outdoors. Although Caitlin is drawn to all things health and fitness, she admits to her everlasting love of the cocoa bean!

Australian Business Number: 26 432 082 411


  • Diploma of Professional Pilates Studio Instruction (National Pilates Training)
  • Certificate IV in Pilates Matwork Instruction
  • Certified Personal Training
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • Certificate in Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Communication, Public Relations

Courtney Hooper

Studio Pilates Instructor


Courtney was first exposed to Pilates in 2010, and the impact it had on her overall health and wellbeing was incredible – she was hooked! Within a year Courtney had enrolled to complete her Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction and has never looked back.

With a client-focused approach to Pilates Courtney love’s helping her clients to integrate a ‘mindfulness’ or an ‘understanding’ of their bodies, and believes through Pilates we can ALL achieve a more balanced and efficient way of moving around in our day to day lives.

Specialising in Studio-Only Pilates, Courtney enjoys teaching clients of all levels and abilities using her one-on-one Initial Studio appointments to form a solid understanding of each and every client’s individual goals. Courtney always invests her time and energy into making sure each client leaves her class feeling like they have accomplished a Pilates challenged within their own comfort zone. With an impeccable understanding of the classical Studio Pilates repertoire, Courtney loves the variations that the large Pilates equipment gives to a session – allowing extra challenges or body assistance where required.

Outside of the studio, Courtney loves to spend time with her family, follow the sunshine and stay active and healthy – with the exception of an occasional TV series binge.

Australian Business Number: 58 560 332 560


  • Diploma of Professional Pilates Studio Instruction (National Pilates Training)
  • Certificate IV in Pilates Matwork Instruction

Alex Cahill

Mat Pilates Instructor


Nine years after becoming a Myotherapist, Alex came to realise the healing benefits of Pilates and how important it was for her clients. Alex went on to complete her Certificate 4 in Mat Pilates and now continues her education studying for her Diploma of Studio Pilates.
Complimenting her Myotherapy treatment with exercise has allowed Alex to provide her clients with healthy movement patterns as well as soft tissue therapy. Alex now knows combining Myotherapy with Pilates is the answer to a more holistic recovery for her clients.

Alex has worked with a variety of allied health professionals in the past ten years, and she is excited to bring her wealth of knowledge to her Pilate’s classes at SMAPS! Suffering from her own postural dysfunctions, Alex participates in Pilates to compliment her active lifestyle and physical career.

“I’m an active person and I love my fitness, so I get a kick out of helping my clients return to their own active lifestyles; the combination of Myotherapy and Pilates makes this possible.”

Australian Business Number: 70 748 310 248


  • Certificate IV in Pilates Matwork Instruction

Jodie Pike


Studio and Mat Pilates Instructor


Jodie has been working as a Myotherapist in Langwarrin for the past 10 years in a multidisciplinary clinic. She has worked alongside physiotherapists, podiatrists, exercise physiologists and Pilates instructors. She has also worked with Victoria under 16’s girls’ basketball teams and local netball clubs.

Five years into her working life as a Myotherapist she realised the benefits of Pilates with regards to rehabilitation of the clients she was treating in the clinic and pursued this path completing her Pilates course in 2009. She then developed a love of Pilates herself and has never looked back.

Pilates became a part of her lifestyle and when she experienced a lower back disc bulge in 2011 she experienced first-hand the benefits of Pilates based rehabilitation. During this period of 6-12 weeks recovery when the only exercise she could participate in was walking, hydrotherapy and Pilates.

With a love of sports herself (playing netball since she was a child), running and everything outdoors she likes to incorporate her interest in Pilates along with her knowledge of rehabilitation/corrective exercises to assist her clients in getting the most out of their Pilates class. Whether the goal of the session is to improve core control, increase body awareness, strength, overall body challenge, and rehabilitation or sport specific related/targeted exercises for improvements.

Along with her experience in all of the above areas Jodie sort further training in pre and post-natal Pilates to assist in all things women’s health. As they say there is nothing like personal experience to make you a better instructor.

In February 2015 Jodie had her first baby and thoroughly believes in the benefits of Pilates, both pre and post-natal, crediting Pilates to getting her back into shape and regaining body strength to comfortably and safely return to running and competitive netball.

Returning from maternity leave Jodie is excited to have a fresh start in a new and exciting clinic. Outside of work Jodie enjoys keeping fit, the outdoors, and holidaying with her little family.

Australian Business Number: 47 139 303 253


  • Certificate in Clinical Pilates Instruction
  • Certificate in Pre and Post Natal Pilates Instruction
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage (Myotherapy)

Ashlee Kelly

Ashlee Kelly

Studio and Mat Pilates Instructor


Ashlee started Pilates at the age of 13 to assist with her calisthenics technique. Her main focus to begin with was to find her core muscles and to even out flexibility. Pilates soon became a way of life – not just in competition season but throughout the years that followed – and was crucial in bouncing back from pregnancy.

Ashlee began studying Pilates with the belief that Pilates is for every body. Every body needs Pilates in their life to help manage, assist or prevent injuries or disabilities, long term and short term.

Australian Business Number: 22 747 350 091


  • Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction
  • Certificate IV in Matwork


All of our Pilates Instructors:

  • Have current First aid and CPR training
  • Have current and relevant association memberships
  • Attend ongoing training, workshops and professional development
  • Act as independent instructors and carry their own public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance